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Lehigh General & Implant Dentistry | Insurance Information in Lehigh

Lehigh General & Implant Dentistry

1001 South Loop Boulevard
Lehigh Acres, FL 33936


13281 Mcgregor Blvd, Unit #1
Ft. Myers, FL 33919

(239) 482-7076

Insurance Information



Did you know....

  • that dental health is a modern concept?
  • that in the United States dentistry was affordable only by the wealthy or performed under emergency situations?
  • that overall improvements in hygiene and the importance placed on preventative care has made dental health seen as essential health care to American families?


Did you know....

  • that benefit dollars are negotiated for an employee between their employer and insurance carrier?
  • that an insurance carrier will not guarantee benefits until a claim is processed and payment is made?





Did you know....

  • that Medical Insurance plans were introduced in 1929?
  • that Dental Insurance plans began sprouting up in the 1960's and 1970's?
  • that insurance benefits remain at $1,500 per year (in most cases), an amount that has not increased since the 1970's?
  • that inflation alone would have increased that amount to $10,000?


Did you know....

  • that dental offices who participate in In-Network, DMO, HMO Insurance Plans, pre-pay plans or discount plans have agreed to discount their fees from 20% - 60% to have patients placed in their chairs?
  • that American Dental Association data show that the average dental office overhead is over 70%?


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